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µTP Micro Transport Protocol

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First of all BitComet doesn't discriminate against uTP. uTP was developed by uTorrent in order to allow for throttling of p2p traffic. When it was introduced even the staff in the support forum were advising users to disable it because of some serious issues. I've no doubt it's been improved, but if you want bitcomet developers to consider implementing it into the client, you'll have to convince them.

If you want to consider the topic of discrimination between clients, BitComet solved the problem of not being able to source files from non-bittorrent sources by aligning piece boundries and all we heard from competing clients was a lot of whining about the padding files that were created, but if they wanted to work together they could have coded their clients to ignore them and we all could move forward with multi-protocol and cross-protocol downloading, but as far as I'm aware BitComet is still the only client that offers these features. Others benefit from them indirectly, but if they were to incorporate the technology, we'd all be much better off. BitComet's LTseed protocol is also much more useful and effective to the average user than uTP is in my opinion. Using it you can do things like download unseeded torrents and become a seeder yourself, or just download the torrent much faster. With all the advanced features BitComet has introduced in the past 5 years, uTP just seems insignificant... in my opinion.

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The only thing I was able to get from your lenghty rant is that you don't understand what LTseed is or why it was created, you don't understand how easy it is for a client to ignore padding files, and you don't understand that this is a community forum, staffed and administrated by bitcomet users.

Regarding the benefits of LTseed, I can only enlighten you if you're willing to learn, but it seems you've already made your mind up and I'm not inclined to waste any more time here. If you are truly interested in learning, I've posted quite a bit of info on how the technology has helped the entire community regardless of the client they use.

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