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Hello, I have been a BitComet member for quite sometime. I have it installed on two desktops and my laptop. I , however , used this mainly on on desktop which has recently started the BSOD..... so I am transfering everything over to my backup desktop. For some reason, bitcomet refuses to let me login and I don't know why. I can login from my laptop but dont have the storage capacity as I do alot of downloading. Does anyone have any idea why from this computer it simply wont let me login??? Itd very f'n frustrating. I can download but it simply will not connect to the login server. Thanks !!

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If you're using an IP filtering program like peerblock/peerguardian or protowall you have to make an allow list for the IPs used by bitcomet. You could also have a firewall installed that's blocking the connections or a problem with Internet explorer.

You don't need to login to use bitcomet, but by logging in you can get more connections through bitcomets proprietary LTseed network and you'll get credit for your uploads towards advancing you in rank.

You might also check if you're able to login on cometID.com website.

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Connecting to server failed for updates and signing in (for 5 days now); Help!

Using Firefox 28.0, I can log to my online account

but I can not sign in or update to the program.

DHT (Green) Connected, WAN (Green) working

Still Downloading torrents.

BitComet (64-Bit) 1.37


Windows Firewall

DSL modem. no router

I have close to 2K downloads that I wish to keep sharing

How can I fix this?

Thanks for the help.

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2000 tasks is a bit extreme, you should probably remove most of them. Seeding tasks that your bandwidth cannot support isn't really helping anyone, but it is nice that you are intending to keep so many tasks active.

If you want to try a test you can download the .zip version of bitcomet from the link in my signature, it doesn't require installation and with the installed version shut down (and confirmed with task manager), run the zip version and see if you can sign in. If that works, then my guess would be that running so many concurrent tasks is making something unresponsive.

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Thanks for the reply.

I tried the zip. with BitComet shut down but it automatically restart it instantly to where I left it.

Is it normal, Am I doing something wrong? (I've try this a few dozen times in the past week with same results) it seams that I'm not reinstalling but restarting.

I just don't wana loose the connectivity to all the torrents , specially with my own uploads.

I appreciate the help



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I Still can't LOGIN nor Connect to the server for Updates

I can't find relevant information to my situation either.

MY Question.

If I uninstall completely BitComet from my PC, then re-install.

How will I proceed/restart my unfinished downloads?

It's a fair question, this is the unknown to me.

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BitComet saves your download list in a file called "downloads.xml", it's location is determined by the windows version you use and the user account settings, but for most users on windows Seven if you type "%appdata%\bitcomet" in the address bar of any folder it should take you there.

What you can try as an experiment is to rename your downloads.xml file to a different name then start bitcomet and it will make a new downloads.xml with no tasks and you can see if the problem goes away, if it does, then you'll know the problem is with having too many tasks running

Alternately you can just move the downloads.xml to a different location instead of renaming it.

Reversing the procedure then staring bitcomet will restore your tasks again.

If you start over with an empty task list you can continue your unfinished tasks by simply starting them over again, when you do bitcomet will see the files already exist and will rehash them and continue the download so you won't have to start over from the beginning.

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