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trackers returning peers, but cannot connect to download


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I'm having problems with one torrent from TPB. I had downloaded 34.5% when it stopped, 2 days ago, and have been unable to resume. I have updated bitcomet from 1.36 to 1.37, removed and added the torrent again, rebooted the router, rebooted the system, stopped and restarted the torrent - nothing works. TPB reports 3 seeders and 2 leechers, but I cannot connect to them. In bitcomet's summary, it says 0 peers of 67 connected.

I've attached a screenshot of bitcomet showing the tracker tab. Hope the following information helps.

bitcomet (64-bit) 1.37


belkin router F5D8636-4 v1 (01)

Win7 64-bit, McAfee anti-virus 16.8, McAfee personal firewall 13.8

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers [1954 PAL DVD][En.De.Es Multisub

Info Hash: BA9288EA08EC8B1DCB80F62F73F666E984E73731


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Thank you for reading the rules and providing the proper info.

Your problem is this specific torrent, it has 0 seeds. The peers present are users like yourself that are probably waiting/hoping some seeders appear. If this is an older torrent it may be abandoned, or a new one that was abandoned due to problems, or perhaps the uploader is just having problems.

If you look in your peers column you'll see your connected to 0seeds/0peers and the swarm contains 0seeds/67peers. Unless the number of seeds changes, no one will be downloading this. You can try waiting or look for another torrent.

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ps. I'm not sure if this is the exact same torrent or not, but I just found it and it does have one single seeder and it begun to download.


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