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forwarding for web-seeding

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I am thinking about moving from my dedicated server to a shared server since traffic has dropped off for my site. Since many hosts forbid torrents, I'm switching all my torrents to magnet links and plan on turning off the tracker once all are switched.

The torrents are very low traffic and in many cases have no seeders. So I've added web-seeding. The files are large and would likely cause a probem on a shared server and maybe get my site shut down so I need an alternative.

I set all the web seeds in a sub-domain: files.mydomain.com. I have a friend with a computer he's set up as a web-server. I'm in the US and he's in Australia. I have tried to forward the sub-domain to his machine . He has some test files on his machine that I'm using to test. They are not downloading. uTorrent shows the web-seed to be the old IP. I don't see IP in bitcoment but when I change the name of the file on my server, the download stops. So it's obviously still connecting to my dedicated server, despite the fact I set subdomain forwarding at my nameserver.

I realize there is propagation time but when I go to my subdomain with a web-browser, I get immediately forwarded to his site. I'm confused. Can this be done? I mean do web-seeding from a personal computer set up as a server? Without going in and manually changing all 150 of my torrents to his dynamicDNS address :(


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I'm not sure if I understand what you're trying to do, when you say things like "forward the sub-domain to his machine", I have no idea exactly what that means. When you make a torrent and include locations of webseeds they cannot be changed unless you make a new torrent. You can manually enter new webseed locations when downloading and if done properly it should work, but in this case every peer would have to manually add them and do it correctly.

Wouldn't it be easier to just start over with new torrents?

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