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Hi, I haven't used it myself lately so I can't say for sure but it depends on the server load. The "queuing" phase was added to prevent you from committing to the task before it was able to help. My recommendation is if you are getting significant progress without vip and it's still in queuing phase you may want to cancel the vip and use it on another task. I wish I could offer you specific info but our forum staff doesn't have access to the servers to know what the current user load is, or what part your location has to do with it.

What we can help with is getting you the best possible performance without using vip and if you'd like our help you can review the first link in my signature for details on requesting support. As far as vip is concerned, I encourage you to keep trying it, we've had many happy users in the last year or so after going through a very rough beginning, but if you find it doesn't help you, you can apply for a refund with paypal and if you need it expedited you can contact Queeniequ, she's our rep from the development team in China and the only one here who has access to the vip account info.

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