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Router Blocking Connections, help!!

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Hello... I got a new router recently and I find that there are settings inside that's blocking my connections. The problem is not the port forwarding, I have that established and I can both connect to remote and the light is green, but the peer connections are now mostly yellow frown faces.

The problem is this router seems to have most things disabled to begin with (it comes from the internet provider which default to having restrictions in place) and I don't have the tech savvy to know what I need to enable for this to work.

Below is everything i can find on the router. I don't know what is useful and what isn't... please help???

This is the router's basic user manual...


Aside from these, options in the admin account also has...

Network > LAN > advanced configurations

802.1d Spanning Tree > Disable

IGMP Proxy > Disable

UPNP > Enable

Router Advertisement > Disable

PPPoE Relay > Enable

DNS Proxy > Disable

Other > VPN > VPN Pass Through

L2TP Passthrough > Disable

IPSec Passthrough > Disable

PPTP Passthrough > Disable

H323 Passthrough > Disable

SIP Passthrough > Disable

RTSP Passthrough > Disable

FTP Passthrough > Disable

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but the peer connections are now mostly yellow frown faces.

This is normal, they indicate the status of the peer connection, some will be interested in trading and some won't at any given moment. Only that peers client can change the peer status.

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