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files incomplete when downloaded

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Hi people, after the file download and i go to open them they will not open they have no extension just says file when i check properties. i am not very good on the computer so was just wondering if there was a setting i missed. i am using 1.37 which is the latest version any help would be great thank you

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Hi, and welcome to BitComet user forum.

There was a bug that caused file extensions to be missing in some cases when torrents were started from magnet links, it was difficult to reproduce so it took a while to fix but I believe the last remains of that bug were squashed in version 1.37...

*release notes*

GUI Bugfix: fix the bug of missing file extension name when start download by Magnet URI

If this problem is still present in version 1.37 then please read follow the first link in my signature and read the topic, then reply with all the requested info as well as a link to one or more of the affected torrents and I will see if I can reproduce this error.

If this bug has indeed survived, then it has more lives than a cat, but I suspect this is something simple. However if you have a new reproduceable form of this bug then we are grateful that you reported it and it will be taken seriously.

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