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Hey folks. I'm a newbie to torrent use and my BitComet connection worked for one day and then the next day showed up with the yellow stop sign. I've removed my router as a potential blockage and reloaded BitComet still no joy. I'd appreciate some tips. I see loads of them on the forum related to port blockage so I understand this is a common issue. I have tried those I think might apply but no luck so far. I really am a newbie with little network knowhow so any tips need to be basic.

System specifiics: I'm using Windows 7 Ult on a system with 24GB of RAM 2 Xeon CPU's. I'm using AVG AV Suite for protection and normally run through a Cisco E4200 router although that is currently disconnected until I can get this issue behind me. My IPCONFIG /ALL report and my AVG report is attached.

Thanks in advance. Looks like a good forum and a good product ..based on my one day of experience.


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When you read other posts about many members having this problem you'll probably notice that most of them failed to provide the basic info we need to help them, but you were wise enough to include some useful info so we can probably help you.

Also please understand that this isn't a bitcomet problem, it's a networking problem. BitComet requires an open bi-directional connection to the internet and most people who run private networks have them firewalled and they seem to want to know where the button is located that will magically diagnose and configure their networks...

What I can see from your screenshot is that your computers IP address is, which is a local (LAN) address not an Internet IP (WAN). This suggests you have another router connected. I suspect the device you are assuming is a modem is actually a router too and if it's used to provide things like television, telephone or other services besides internet, then it is definitely a router. You'll need to setup portforwarding in both of your routers in order for bitcomet to receive remote initiated connections. You can still use bitcomet without an open listen port, but it will affect performance.

According to our forum your WAN address starts with 69.71.x.x, so if there was no other routers in your connection this would show as your computers IP address.

We have a very good article on setting up routers at our wiki.bitcomet.com website that has a subsection on multiple cascading routers.


I suggest you read the entire article, but pay careful attention to...


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ps. further investigation of your provider "totalhighspeed.com" leads me to believe this is a mobile broadband provider similar to that used by celular devices and in most cases these are firewalled by the provider. If this is the case, you won't be able to get an open listening port unless they can assign you a dedicated port number to use. Your best option would probably be to go with a different type of internet service like fiber optic, cable or dsl, as they all provide a direct bi-directional connection, but most wireless companies only allow connections to the internet that you initiate and this means that no bittorrent peers will be able to reach you unless you contact them first. Under these circumstances you can still download, but performance will suffer, here is why...

Imagine peer "A" enters the torrent and needs trading partners, so sends out connection attempts to 200 peers, many reply immediately and get connected but your connection fails because you are firewalled. About 30 mins later you get a new list of peers from the tracker and see that Peer A now exists, so you send a connection attempt to him and one of the following happens.

1. Connection is accepted but choked because he already found all the trading partners his connection can support

2. Connection is rejected because he has already reached his maximum number of connected peers (per torrent or globally)

3. Never receives your connection attempt because peer A is also firewalled

4. Connection is accepted and you begin trading with peer A.

In order to get the best performance you need to receive the connection immediately when a new peer joins and without an open port, by the time you eventually get connected you've pretty much "missed the party".

I hope this makes sense to you and I'm sorry I don't have better news.

ps. if you are downloading very popular torrents they will probably eventually get enough peers to download, so it's not like you cannot use bitcomet at all, but having an open port really makes a big difference.

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