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Listening Port is Blocked

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Hi guys! My main problem would be having a blocked listening port in my BitComet Client resulting to slow download speed. I'm quite new with all the things needed to do on the guides I have seen and I cannot understand most of it. Please do help me here. If I need to provide more information, I will do so if asked. Please have patience also in asking since I may not know some things you will say because I haven't learned most of the stuffs that are related to my problem.

1. My BitComet version is BitComet 1.37

2. It says here that I have a LAN (not sure, I just mentioned default stated in my desktop)

3. Router. HUAWEI BM622m. I have not forwarded my port yet to be safe and not to break any things important..

4. One computer/router only.

5. Windows 7 64-bit, default Windows Firewall and Windows Defender. (I'll buy one in the future soon)

6. I do not know if this applies but "PSO2_Beta_Client_EN.exe" and/or "PSO2_Beta_Client_EN.torrent"

Looking forward to your answers. Thank you :)


Also, I can't locate this program on my firewall exceptions list:

UPnP Framework

As stated in the guide in the wiki:


Thank you!

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You will probably need to setup portforwarding manually if uPnP didn't work.

I found a guide for a similar model, it may not be exactly like yours but should be similar.

Here is a list of all the Huawei routers this site supports...


Here is the closest I could find do your model with instructions on opening the port for bitcomet...


If this doesn't help you may have to contact the routers tech support to get further assistance.

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