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Download list not show with new updates (1.35) and previous

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Its second time it happened, with previous update and recent (1.35).

In both cases, after update I found empty download list and popup window saying:

Go to directory: C:\Users\"name"\AppData\Roaming\BitComet\Downloads.xml.bak

Im not software expert, i tried to import download list file but nothing happened.

Anyone can help and explain it in "technology impaired" person language not technical one please?

Thank You

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open any folder and type in the address bar...


Hit the "enter" key and it should take you to the proper folder assuming you're using one of the newer windows versions.

Your downloads.xml file has been damaged so can replace it with one of the backup files.

Rename "downloads.xml" to "downloadsOLD.xml" so it won't get overwritten

Rename "downloads.xml.bak" to "downloads.xml" (when prompted confirm that you do want to change the file extension)

note: There should be several older downloads.xml.bak files that have a date added to the file name showing when they were created, this enables you to select an older restoration point if the newest backup is also corrupt.

You may want to go into "folder options" and uncheck the options "hide extensions for known file types" then click "apply" to change that folder settings, or "apply to folders" to change all folders, if you cannot see some of the file extension names.

More info can be found here: http://wiki.bitcomet.com/bitcomet_client_issues_and_possible_solutions#tasks_have_disappeared_deleted_tasks_reappeared_in_my_tasklist_after_a_bitcomet_restart_how_can_i_fix_this

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