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Malwarebytes Conflict?

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I just wondered whether anyone has had issues with Malwarebytes Antimalware everytime a torrent starts to download . . . or, whether my problem is unique. It's VERY annoying to see a popup every few seconds from Malwarebytes that looks like this. (see attached screenshot). And, despite my clicking the exclusion button repeatedly, the popups just continue to popup one right after another. A REAL pain in the a**!


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This looks like a normal peer connection, not any website. When running a torrent you could have 100 or more, perhaps even 1000 or more peer connections and after having a look on malwarebytes website they have many users of various torrent clients complaining about the same thing. Their official answer is that the IPs being blocked are from hostile websites but I don't think this is the case. I had a look at the IP in that screenshot you posted and I can't see that there is any webhosting on it at all, perhaps the last user who leased that IP was doing something malicious on it, but I think it's more likely that their database is just wrong.

I did find this info for you that instructs on how to disable this warnings, however it won't stop these connections from being blocked...


It would be better if there was a way to get malwarebytes to stop monitoring torrent clients because they aren't a threat, and I'll explain why.

Any pieces of data you get from an IP that they feel may be hostile will be hash checked by your bittorrent client (Bitcomet in your case, but this is true with any client). If the piece of data has changed in any way it will be rejected... it has to be identical to the original on a byte for byte basis. No malware can slip in this way* it's just not possible.

Perhaps you can petition malwarebytes to allow you to exclude a program from blocking, this would be an ideal solution.

*if the torrents original author included malware in a torrent download, then that is another issue, but if the original material is clean, then the files you download will also be clean even if one or more peers attempt to slip in some malware.

Malware is spread via web browsers most of the time so there is no need to monitor a torrent client's connections.

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Settings > Web Exclusions > Add Process > C:\Program Files\BitComet\BitComet.exe

Malwarebytes (Premium) [x64]

Thanks for the info, I will add the following.

If you're using a 32bit bitcomet version running on a 64bit windows version you would need to change...

Settings > Web Exclusions > Add Process > C:\Program Files\BitComet\BitComet.exe

to this

Settings > Web Exclusions > Add Process > C:\Program Files (x86)\BitComet\BitComet.exe

Naturally this assumes you're using the installed version, not the .zipped version (portable) and that you've used the default install location.

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