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Problem connecting to a private tracker

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I've just joined a private torrent site and am having trouble connecting to their tracker. I get the following error under the trackers tab:

DHT network Disabled (Private Torrent)

http://classix-unlim...uk/announce.php Tracker response error: client is banned

No-one else seems to be having this problem (site is new, only 25 during beta testing), so have trialled other clients, which work. But as I don't like their layouts or their speeds, I hope to get BitComet configured to work there. Their FAQs state that all clients can be used, although several aren't recommended due to updating stats incorrectly.

I have included a screenshot.

BitComet (64-bit) 1.37


belkin router F5D8636-4 v1 (01)

Win7 64-bit, McAfee anti-virus 16.8, McAfee personal firewall 13.8

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To protect your privacy I removed your screenshot.

It appears that they have banned BitComet, if you are able to invite members I will join and inquire if this was intentional or just an oversight and answer any questions they may have regarding using bitcomet in a private torrent setting. There is no valid reason to ban any current version of BitComet, yet some trackers continue to do so based mostly on misinformation that is nearly a decade old.

As far as the DHT not working, that is to be expected. None of the other advanced features that bitcomet offers will work on a private tracker either because they don't allow making connections outside their own bittorrent swarm so when BitComet is used in this type of environment it will behave exactly like any other client, trading only according to bittorrent protocol.

I'm also going to send you a private message about a potential security issue you will need to look into.

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