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Bitcomet downloads some anonymous data???

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i previously asked same ques. and you asked me more details. Here it is:

Details of my client:

  • *bitcomet 1.37
  • *port is forwarded in router and it is showing green signal...means working and don't tell me i haven't did this properly doing this for years

  • *windows 7 with quickheal firewall on and windows firewall disabled(this has nothing to do with my problem)
  • *Torrent i'm downloading has high seed and comparatively low peers (but my problem has nothing to do with this)

My problem:

i have no torrents in any of the list. i removed them all to make sure my problem is legit

when i run bitcomet my resource monitor says that bitcomet is downloading some data at the rate of 25kbps and is for about 2-3 minutes...then when i exit the bitcomet and run again it does the same thing for about couple of minutes..

and thing doesn't happen when i check the option no listening port... I tested this thing many times...I believe when bitcomet downloads some anonymous data when we have ports working...i want to know what that anonymous data is. utorrent doesn't show such kind of behavior.

what i believe is bitcomet secretly access some websites to increase number of hits.

if someone experienced/developer of bitcomet is reading this then he knows what i mean.

Hope you answer

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When you start bitcomet it will make several connections, some that are task specific to provide features like snapshots and comments or search for mirrors as well as things like logging you into cometID, but the on you're noticing is probably bitcomet actively testing your listening port to assure you can receive remote peer connections. You won't see this behavior in utorrent because it has no active test to determine status of listening port.

You can disable these features in: Options>Service

ps. there is nothing "secret" or sinister going on here, just the normal function of Bitcomet.

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