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split in files a file torrent


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Hi everyone!

I have a torrent very big (200gb) it has 40 files. I would like make a different download for each one or something like that.

because I must save the downloads in a external HDD and everytime that I turn on my pc the program checks the file and the download starts after 2 hours. can someone help me? thanks

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You can disable some of the files in the task, then add them later but this will decrease your performance. You're best to download the whole task so you will be interested in more pieces of data that are offered to you rather than limiting your requests to only a select few that may not currently be available.

If you properly shut down the tasks and bitcomet, it shouldn't require rechecking the tasks when you restart.

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Hi! thanks for the answer!

but what do you mean to properly shut down? do you mean simply close utorrent window or another procedure?

This is not utorrent's forum, this is BitComet.

To properly shutdown bitcomet I recommend stopping all tasks then click on "file" then "exit".

If you click the "X" to close the window the default function is to minimise the program not shut it down.

This can be changed in: Options>Appearance

When you force a program to shut down by closing the window you're putting a time limit on how long it has to gracefully shut down all tasks and save your data. With many tasks running this can cause problems so it's best to stop the tasks then shut down the program. When done properly there will be no need to rehash the files upon restart.

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