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Bitcomet not responding


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I am quite new to this bitcomet, my bitcomet is version 1.37 64 bit. I have started using it since early this year, worked well all the well while i use magnet for all the movies from thepiratebay. Usually after i click on the '' get this torrent '' with a magnet icon, my bitcomet would automatically open up and download will be successful. But these days, i click on the magnet icon '' get this torrent '' , bitcomet does not launch , tried copying and paste in the ''OPEN URL'' tab in bitcomet. Error message of '' Downloading torrent file , please wait..'' , follow by ''torrent file download failed. '' Another resolutions for this problem? Hope I am clear in explaining and thank you for read this topic. :D

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The way magnet links work is instead of downloading the torrent file, you open a link and attempt to connect to peers in order to get the torrent from them. Once you've successfully obtained the torrent file the downloading can begin. If you're unable to get the torrent, then there may be no peers on this torrent and it could be dead. There are many reasons a torrent can be dead but the most common is users who don't seed after the download completes. If everyone uploads as much as they download, the torrents wouldn't die.

I'd suggest you try other torrents, if none of them work then you may have a different problem. You can also try downloading the torrent instead of using a magnet link. From what I've seen thepiratebay doesn't always offer a torrent download, that probably depends on the method selected by the uploader, but I'm sure you can find some that do offer the torrent files, just look for the download icon next to the magnet icon.

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