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restoring a previous version of bookmarks from cometmarks

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I need to restore a previous version of bookmarks, since all my bookmarks on all the computers are just gone. I've found an ok version in the cometmarks page bookmarks->history, but only a button "view differences" was accessible. Is there a menu to restore the bookmarks in cometbird, I couldn't find it? (Cometbird 11.0, CometMarks 2.5)



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Cometbird is modified from the Firefox source code so many times you can find the answers you seek on the mozilla site. Cometmarks hasn't been developed much lately, nor has cometbird for that matter. Ever since mozilla began changing the primary version number every few weeks it made the project impossible to maintain considering it's a volunteer project. It's really silly because 99% of the mozilla updates could be done without changing the primary version number and by doing so it renders all extensions obsolete and forces everyone who publishes free extensions to redo their work and I'm sure everyone understands that your "day job" has to come first. However I was assured that the developers do plan on reviving the cometbird project, I'm just not sure when that will happen. I know there was talk about basing it on the "long term support" version of firefox, which would be perfect.

I use cometbird, firefox and chrome browsers, all three are good but I like the differences and was very disappointed when firefox recently changed the gui to look like chrome... Firefox was there first and I considered them the leader in 3rd party browsers, but now they have chooses a path that puts them in a position behind google chrome... and no longer a leader... they have made some seriously bad choices, reminds me of how the once great "myspace.com" decided to copy facebook after losing most of their loyal fans due to bugs and security issues, then they totally self destructed. Hopefully mozilla will find their path again and become the great leader they were ten years ago.

*this is my own personal opinion which may differ from any official position bitcomet may hold*

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