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Move torrent task up/down for queued tasks

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We are able to allow set the number of tasks to download/upload (Options > Tasks > Maximum number of concurrent seeding BitTorrent tasks), but it will just pick the next one in the list, which we have no control over. I would love to be able to assign a queue for download order. I think assigning a number would be best because then we could also sort by download order. However you want to do it would be good, as long as we can switch the order.



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Yes, that's exactly what I meant.

I found the answer too:

- Click View -> Toolbar -> Buttons -> (Check mark) for: 'Move Up' and 'Move Down'

Then if you have your list sorted by a column, click the column once or twice to unsort it, then you can move the tasks up or down to queue your torrents. Once a torrent finishes the next on the list will start.

To make a torrent stop automatically: Options -> Task -> BitTorrent -> Task Seeding Rules:

- Check Auto stop task when satisfying all conditions:

- This is where you set the task to stop uploading after it finishes downloading ( PLEASE keep share ratio to at least 1.0 please, to share at least what you took.) The conditions are all self-explanatory.

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