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Bitcomet connecting to hundreds of ip's blacklisted by blocked by peerblock even when not downloading anything.

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As the title suggests, Bitcomet seems to connect to hundreds of blocked ip's even when I'm not downloading/uploading. Utorrent does this too but not to the same extent as Bitcomet.

Now I love my Bitcomet, best client around (even if it does have a few problems like the annoying "UDP tracker no response" error) but I just can't recommend it to other people if they're not willing to get peerblock because of how many damn things it tries to connect to when not downloading. These things include - The army, a lot of Chungwa Telecoms/general telecom companies, Chaos Computer Club (this one worried me a lot), various botnets,

Is there any reason why Bitcomet makes so many damn things try and connect to me? Kind of seems like they're trying to pin people for piracy.

Please note that in the attached picture, all the things that are trying to connect to me that peerblock is blocking are trying to connect on the same port, the port I use for bitcomet.


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No peers know if or when you have a torrent running, they get your IP and port from the tracker and attempt connections. Most of them are just people trying do download stuff, your block list doesn't know which ones are good or bad so they block entire groups if they suspect a single IP in it and sometimes entire countries, or things like universities which have thousands of students downloading torrents, or government IP addresses which probably shouldn't, but still do have people using them for torrents.

The reason bitcomet has more when turned off is because it uses LTseed, a proprietary protocol that uploads and downloads when your bandwidth is not being used and this will continue to make connections even when tasks are stopped.

Also, if you're going to use peerblock you should make an allow list for the IPs that bitcomet uses, there is a article about this on wiki.bitcomet.com

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