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i have been using BitComet since 2007

from the past few days my internet speed has been extremely slow that's why i thought of buying

VIP Acceleration but then i thought what if it doesn't help with the speed, i should try it first

Then i came to know about the 40,000 point rule (i am having 35000 points), i would have waited but as i was downloading a very important file i couldn't

I want request the admins or whoever is in-charge of VIP Acceleration to please grant me VIP Acceleration for 1 maximum 2 days after reviewing the speed change i will on whether to buy it or not.I hope you can understand in what position i am.


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Vip will help those who have unused download bandwidth but little available upload bandwidth the most. It's not a cure-all for speed problems and you might do better by reading the link in my signature and posting a proper support request including speed test and we'll see if we can help you with your settings.

Also, our forum staff has no access to enable your vip, only the development team in China can do that, but if you want to buy it and are unhappy, i'm sure they would refund the purchase, however if your task is slow because the only available peers are slow, it won't help you, nothing can and you'll need a healty torrent to compare the advantages properly.

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i just want to use the rest of it ..... it ends before i know what it is ..... secondly ..why they dont give me a vip for being with them from early 2007 and i did not stop use bitcomet .. is it to much for being loyal

I'm not sure what you are asking. Everyone who had accounts during the recent outage has been generously compensated, and if you've used BitComet since 2007 you should have enough points to qualify for a free trial. If you are suggesting you are entitled to free vip because you've used a free product that they donated time to develop, then your logic escapes me. BitComet is free software, but they spent considerable resources to provide it for us. We should be in their debt, not them in ours so I really don't understand your logic.

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