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Proxy settings no longer work since move to Comcast?

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I had Verizon DSL a week ago. Previously using proxy IP addresses showed them as the WAN IP address. Under the statistics tab of the download page. But since getting Comcast xfinity, the WAN IP, switches to the IP comcast assigns me, on the fly. If not remians under the comcast assigned IP, indefinitly!

I havent changed any settings on my ports, & running bitcomet directly from the comcast modem/router yields the saem result from running it through my Linksys router (dd-wrt) Any ideas?

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The way you connect to the internet is not determined by bitcomet. It allows you to use proxy settings if they are required on your LAN or your ISP, but with most highspeed providers there is no need for proxy settings.

By the way, if Verizon offers FIOS in your area I recommend you dump comcast and go with that. Comcast has always been one of the worse and they outright lie in their advertisements. If it's the only highspeed connection available, then you don't have much choice, but if you went with them because of their marketing you may have been mislead.

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