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Problem in downloading a GB very less seeded file

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Helo .. !!! This will be my first post here... and i am new to this forum too..

(Plz forgive and direct me to the correct place if i have posted my issues in the wrong place)

I am on ASUS, 32 bit operating system , running on windows 7 Ultimate .

Have a cable Internet connection connection with SPEED & DUPLEX value set on 100 Mbps Full Duplex...!!!

Have the latest Bitcomet v1.37 Stable release software with BitComet Acceleration Patch (Don't know if Acceleration works properly or not as recently i have started using it....but ya the values are increasing and have also put the Registration code and in some its shows 95MB) (I have even done the necessary settings in Bitcomet )

​I have downloaded so many movies.. and less of software.. and always see for more seeded files that i want..

Now i am downloading this Games which i really want o play... (Prototype 2)

Sadly this had very less seeds with it... and recently i got to now about Trackers which seeds and increase it speed...!!!

I also use cheat engine to increase it speed ..which always work but.. doesn't give download speed like the seeds...!!!

So as this is a game file of 8GB ..... and have downloaded it upto 64% i want to speed it up and finish it withing today or tomorrow....!!!

As by my side i even copied and pasted the others torrent files trackers and pasted here which use to download in minutes... but it is not giving me that much of speed as it use to in its original file..!!!!

SO.. i here by posting it here... to get some help in finishing it ...and to know more about how to speed up the download and upload...!!!!

For now i have seen only increasing the download speed but not in uploading speed ... Why ??? ....

If i have missed out any info i must share in order to get help.. plz.. tell me..

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I'm sorry to say that you made the worst mistakes possible here. First of all there is no such thing as a bitcomet acceleration patch and the trash that is marketed as such are rogue apps usually infected with malware. I recommend you uninstall it as well as completely removing bitcomet, then having your computer scanned for malware and after you're sure it's clean, get bitcomet from the official website and reinstall it.

Also regarding using "cheating mods", why would you want to cheat people who give you stuff for free? Even if you put aside the moral issues here, unless you are doing some very complex mathematical computations on each torrent it will be really easy to catch you cheating and you may have been caught already. Most of the major trackers know how to deal with cheaters and are very good at making them miserable with torrents that won't complete and sharing your IP with other trackers.

Regarding your torrent, there are some torrents that will always be slow and that won't change unless more peers show up that have fast connections, but in your case I don't know if this problem is the torrent you selected or the cheating you been attempting. Your (fake) acceleration patch is (at best) hammering the trackers, which can get you you banned, or (at worse) misrepresenting your upload and the cheat engine is only used for one purpose, to forge your upload stats.

I think you had better reconsider where you're getting advice from because no one likes a cheat

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Thx for your reply bro..!!!!

I just use cheat engine to increase its download speed which gives me around 500-600 KB/s ....sometimes more and less...

(Just for this .. It is CHEATING....?? ) and if i don't use this then.. its speed is around 15-20 kb/s download speed and upload around 6 ...and as its a 8.37 GB file.. it would take me more days to download it..!!!

Its original seed was 5 or around 10......!!!

(Ok will delete that acceleration thing )

(And bro... i didn't do much just change the trackers of only to this torrent and non other torrent files which i had downloaded before)

No malware issues here....

My main prob is i have limited use to internet.. (meaning i cnt use the internet for long to download as others need to use it too )

Can u tell me in points then what should i do now ? As whats not good...whats illegal..... how to speed up a less seeded file in positive ways ??? Is there something illegal i did..??? :unsure:

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Bittorrent is designed so that you get connected to the peers with similar ability as yourself. If you misrepresent your ability to upload you may get connected to faster peers, but as soon as they realize your reports are fake, you will get banned.

Also to clarify, the software called "bitcomet accelerator" is malware, it's not made by bitcomet and is not safe to use. They also have no right to use the BitComet name or it's logo, so if you purchased it you've been scammed.

Adding trackers to a torrent won't help either, it will only waste bandwidth and cause you to attempt connections to trackers where the torrent isn't registered. I realize that many people do this, but only because they have no idea what a tracker does or the effects of adding them without registering and uploading the torrent.

The most improvement can be obtained by setting your client to best use your connection. If you look at the "Read This Before posting" topic you'll see there is a section on requesting help with speed issues, this is where you should begin. Once we have all your info we can better help you.

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