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Can someone please help me.

I use a 4K monitor with my computer and when i try to use BitComet all the righting and everything on the page is very small berly readable, Ive increased the text size to as big as possable wich didn't help,

Ive tryed the zoom in and out on the page and that works on some areas but not the main section where all the d/loads are which makes them very hard to read.

I'm using the newest Bitcomet.

Please help as it's impossable to use like this.


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Using a high resolution monitor can make it difficult to see text but there are ways to increase the size. The easiest way is to change the screen resolution, but the best way is to change the windows theme/settings so items are displayed larger which is pretty easy with recent windows versions but as I recall it can be a bit complicated with windows xp.

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