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Bitcomet doesn't support OS server 2003


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I've personally tested bitcomet on Windows Sever 2003 datacenter edition 32bit with 8gb of ram and had no problems. I haven't tested recent versions because this is an old OS, but it's just a beefed up version of windows XP so you shouldn't have any problem.

We would need a lot more info to determine if this is an actual bug but first think I suggest is you try installing win compatibility mode for XP and if that doesn't work, try using the .zip version (no install needed) and see if that works.

If I can find the harddrive with 03 datacenter on it I'll test the latest version, but it may not be for a few weeks.

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The development team has tested the latest version of BitComet with Windows Server 2003 and had no problems. Unless you can offer a more detailed description of the problems you're having there isn't much we can do.

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