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emule plugin not connecting


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Hi, I'm using bitcomet 64-bit 1.37, I have an adsl connection and a ADB/Pirelli DRG A223G modem router, my port is forwarded both in bitcomet and in the emule plugin (the test webpage confirms this).

I have windows 7 64 and Panda Free Antivirus 15.0.1 and I don't have firewall software.

I can't connect to servers in the emule plugin. It always says the server "appears to be dead". I first installed the xtreme mod plugin and then the standard one and the problem persists. I used more than one recent server.met. The Panda Antivirus firewall is off, and if I stop the antivirus in the system tray the problem persists.

What can I do?

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I've never used the extreme mod, from what I heard it's not anything to get excited about and unless someone really understands the difference, the regular one is probably best. I've never had a problem updating the server lists, I'm using emule security 2 list now and it seems to be working fine. The only thing I can think of is you may have a conflict with the two installed versions, you might want to try removing both and reinstalling.

If it's not a conflict then my next guess would be your firewall, some don't stop blocking even if shut down.

I'm sorry I can't be more help here, I'm really not an expert on emule and since I mostly download private torrents which don't allow the plugin, so it rarely gets used.

Maybe another member will offer some advice

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