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I'm using BitComet 1.37 on xp, ADSL, D-Link Router

Last week I spent hours trying to find out how to forward my port and set a static IP address, but in the end it worked and I finally got a green light. Now suddenly its grey and tells me port detection failed, and it doesnt connect to any peers or seeds at all (there are enough). The same torrent and settings worked just fine up until yesterday. Didnt install any new virus software or anything, and the port is still open, complete with exception in the windows firewall.

Somewhere I think I read that this could be a problem unrelated to me, so I wanted to know if there is a way to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

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OK, thats even weirder... suddenly the green light came back, but at the same time all the trackers stopped responding or gave me connection errors. Restarted BitComet, same thing again: At first grey light and trackers giving me peers and seeds, and then after about 40mins the light turns green and trackers stop working. Both times its not connecting to anything.

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The grey light doesn't indicate a problem, it only means the port wasn't able to be tested. This could happen if you use an IP filtering program like peer block or many other issues, but if bitcomet detects remote peer connections the light will turn green. If the test server is reached but you don't receive a remote connection from it, the light will turn yellow which usually indicates a firewall or router issue, but grey means it was never tested.

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