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Cannot connect to ranking server

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When I start Bitcomet it opens and works fine !

But(!), a few seconds after I get an error popup window saying that I should try another location !

The bottom left window that should show your rank stays jammed with the Bitcomet picture and the text "connecting to server..." The error popup appears regularly. Bit comet works but as this has been going on for a while now it's really bugging me now.

Windows 7, 32 Bit, ADSL

Hopefully I ben clear enough, if not let now.

Please help me resolve this minor issue.

Many thanks

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are you using any type of IP filtering programs like peerblock or blocklist manager?

do any of your tasks have a red "x" instead of the download or upload arrow when started?

can you post a screenshot of the popup you are referring to?

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Ummm sorry but how to get a pic in the text body please ?...

See the link in my signature on making and posting screenshots

It's written "Torrent file decoding failed! Please try to re-download the torrent!"

Sounds like your torrent file didn't download, go back to where you got it and try again.

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