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Hi. I hope someone can help me with my homepage in the cometbird browser.

I have DL'd and am using CB 11.0 with Windows 7 Ultimate 32 SP1.

msn.com is my homepage and does not display correctly. msn.com does display correctly with IE and Opera, but I prefer to use CB.

Looking at my msn homepage, I get this message in a yellow banner at the top of the page.. "You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade to the latest version for the best MSN experience."

I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks :)

Oh, BTW, I thot it might be the win32 that was the problem. But, I am having the very same issue at home with WIn 64 Ultimate.

And on both machines, I keep getting the error... CB did not update. I hope this helps you. Thanks again :)

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I'm sorry but CometBird hasn't been actively developed recently. It like BitComet is a freeware product developed by volunteers and was based on Mozilla Firefox source code, however the firefox developers made it very difficult to continue by releasing even minor updates as a major version number that required redoing all the work each time. Historically the major version numbers were released once every year or two but suddenly firefox began doing this every few weeks and I believe there just wasn't enough free time for the developers to continue.

Of course microsoft could have easily made their msn page backwards compatible, but failed to do so... so the only thing I can suggest is you use a different home page or use a different browser. If you like cometbird then I'd go with firefox as they are very similar.

ps. The developers have assured me they do have future plans for cometbird, but at the moment it's not being actively developed.

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