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Bitcomet crashes everytime i start it up


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This problem has never happened to me before. First of all my specs.

I am having a quad core intel processor . Windows7 prof. sp1 OS ram 8 GB. and its a 64 bit

This bitcomet crashes started a few days back. Whenever i used to start my bitcomet it crashes. Then option of sending the report comes and i sedn it and again tick the box where it says restart and again after restarting it shows the same dialog box. Bitcome has encountered a problem. So i have no idea why this is happening as i have been bitcomet for a few years now.

Things i tried myself.

->Uninstalled it and again installed using the latest version. (i used your uninstaller so as to remove any reg files or anything and everything so as it be a clean install).

->I restored my computer to a time where i am sure that time bitcomet was working but again no success.

So i have no idea what problem is it or how to solve it. Please help.

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Please try renaming your Bitcomet.xml and downloads.xml files and see if it will start properly. If these are corrupted it can make bitcomet crash and they don't get deleted when you uninstall. Their location varies depending on your windows settings but a typical installation will have them in your %appdata% folder.

It doesn't matter what you rename them too, just select any name. When you start bitcomet it will make new files with default settings and no active tasks. If this fixes the problem you'll then need to restart your active tasks and set your preferrences. If it doesn't fix the problem you can restore your files by changing the names back.

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