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Next Bitcomet release

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Hi Guys & Girls,

Is there any plan to release an update / new version of Bitcomet.

I use Bitcomet V1.37 with FF, still on FF V26, but FF is now up to V32.

Is Bitcomet compatible with the newer versins of FF?

I don't want to upgrade FF until I am certain that Bitcomet will work.

Thanks in advance :-)

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Firefox doesn't have to code new major version numbers to reject all previous extensions, this is a choice they made, then they started changing major version numbers every few weeks so unfortunately this will continue to happen. BitComet is developed by volunteers and there just aren't resources to make a new version or update the extensions everytime firefox updates. This wasn't a problem in the past when they used minor number updates like 26.1, 26.2 etc... and the only thing I can think of is they are trying to discourage 3rd party extensions.

The only advice I can give you is to wait until a new version is released and update to the latest firefox that is supported or perhaps get the latest LTS (long term support) firefox version, then keep it until the next update.

I cannot speak for the developers, but I think they have shown that they will update whenever there is a significant need, but they don't consider the firefox extension to be important enough to redo all that work, or at least not important enough on it's own.

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Thanks for the explanation Unusual Suspect.

I understand that Bitcomet is developed by volunteers, so I will be patient :-)

I have been a user for a while now & I guess I got used to the more frequent previous updates of past.

Everything is working stable at the moment anyway with FF26 & Bitcomet V1.37, so I guess I'll leave it until there is a new Bitcomet release.

Thanks again for your time :-)

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