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Download starts,then slowly stops, then internet stops working.

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It's a common problem but it's not bitcomet that is the cause. There are ways to fix it, or ways to adjust bitcomet so it doesn't happen as often, but I wouldn't be helping you if I give you instructions to fix a piece of hardware that you don't have, nor do I have time to post hundreds of possible causes. If you want to read about common problems you can visit our page at wiki.bitcomet.com, if you want help from bitcomet users here in the forum you will need to read the rules and answer all the questions.

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If you're certain that you don't have a router, then you have an unusual problem. My first guess would be your modem is crashing due to the high number of connections required to use bitcomet or other p2p filesharing programs. I would suggest the first place to begin would be reduce the number of connections that bitcomet makes and see if that reduces the problem or delays it. If you can confirm this is directly proportionate to the number of connections you may be able to improve the modems performance with a firmware update (if available) which the manufacturers support site or tech support could help you with. If that turns out to be a dead end, you can ask your Internet provider to check your connection to see why it is dropping when you use p2p.

ps. although your internet may appear to be working properly without bitcomet, and assuming BC is the cause, it's really not. Typical browsing only needs a few connections but in order to run torrents you could end up with hundreds (or more) connections. Good hardware should have no problem with this, but a weak router or modem could cause your connection to drop.

You should find this article helpful.


other issues you may want to look into:


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