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Crash when deleting task and files


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Bitcomet 1.37 (x64) crashed when I deleted a task, having selected "delete task and downloaded files".

The mentioned task's folder had a single other item in it that was not part of the download, and all files were deleted successfully. Bitcomet hung and crashed moments after performing this deletion.

As Bitcomet crashed, I ran Microsoft Visual Studio's debugger, and the following line was given:

Unhandled exception at 0x0000000077AD8389 (ntdll.dll) in BitComet.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x0000053558B93198.

This was, as of right now, a one-time thing, and appeared to be random, so I will probably not be able to fully debug this, as I don't know how to recreate it.

If anyone else has ideas on how to recreate this bug, I will attempt to do those with proper debugging.

Just so you all know, I'm only a beginner with C++, so don't expect too much from me. :3

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Try starting the same task and add the same file/s to the folder and delete again, if it doesn't reproduce then it's not likely a bitcomet problem, could be another windows process wasn't releasing the file or some random file system or hdd error. I'll also add that it's probably not a good idea to add files to a folder before having bitcomet (or any other program) remove said folder/files. Normally bitcomet will remove the folder, but if there are files present it will get complicated. I'm sure the developers have a proper algorithm to handle this, but if there are other programs involved it can create an unexpected combination of events. If you do uncover such a combination and can clearly explain how to reproduce it we'll have a look and pass it on to development if we too can reproduce it, however this sounds like a really easy situation to avoid by simply manually deleting the files or avoiding additional files.

Also, you won't be required to have any programing skills to report a bug, only the ability to clearly describe a reproducible bug. We (forum staff) aren't developers, we are bitcomet users but we do have access to the development team in China and they take all the bugs we verify seriously.

Thanks for your efforts.

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