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Zero Seeds/Peers

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From last two days I have this problem.

It is not with specific torrent but with all (including all torrent clients Kickass, Extratorrentz etc) but no problem with LT Seed


Can anyone tell me what to do solve this

Thank You


Windows 7 32bit

AntiVirus - Microsoft Security Essentials

Router - TP Link WR740N

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Without any seeds a torrent will never download.

Also, if your listening port is blocked you can not receive any connection attempts from other peers, you can send connection attempts but if the peer already has enough connections they will be denied, and if another peer also has a blocked port you will never connect to them. Its similar in principle to having a telephone without a ringer, you can't receive calls, only make them, and anyone you call with the same problem will never answer.

The most common cause of this would be a firewall or router setting, this will help you get peers, but it won't help with the examples in your screenshot because they don't appear to have any seeds.

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I can only go by the info in the torrent you have highlighted in your screenshot. Look at the Seeds/Peers column, the first set of numbers is 0/0 meaning no connected seeds and no connected peers. The second set of numbers is 0/14163 meaning there are NO SEEDS and 14163 peers trying to download.

Your tracker data shows that you have connected to many trackers so you have received their peer lists, but none of them have any seeds. Without seeds a torrent won't download.

You can also see that you have a blocked listening port. Without an open port no peers can contact you for a connection, they have to wait until you contact them and your odds of contacting peers that are eager to trade are slim. If you want good performance you should open your port, but in the case of this torrent it won't make any difference until it's seeded.

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The port has to be opened in your network and firewall and since we have no idea what type of hardware you are using so you have to tell us these things before we can help. In some cases bitcomet can do this automatically and if it suddenly started working that would explain why.

An open port is indicated by a green light on the lower right corner, yellow indicates it's blocked and grey indicates untested or unable to test.

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