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How to see snapshots of multiple video files in a single seed

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Hello there,

I'm frequently downloading torrents with multiple video files included but the current software only allows the snapshots from the 1st video file (if I'm not mistaken).

Is there anyway to enable/view the snapshots of the rest of video files in the same seed? It seems available in older versions before but, somehow, been disabled? (i think people concerned when there're too many snapshots) It'll be good if there's an option to set. :)

Thanks in advance.



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Your use of the word "seed" is improper and makes your post difficult to understand.

Snapshots are made automatically either when the torrent is made (if made with bitcomet) or when the first bitcomet peer completes the download (assuming the option is enabled). Since this option requires use of others bandwidth the decision to make a limited number of them was a good idea in my opinion. If you want to preview other files you can set the download strategy for preview mode and open them in a media player that supports incomplete downloads, however in order to get the most efficient download you shouldn't alter the way bittorrent protocol works so I'd only do that if you have a valid reason to need to see the file before it completes.

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Thanks for the explanation and sorry for the confusion. I think you got my question right and I understand the balance between pre-view and download bandwidth for all other users. It's just unfortunate that I'm using that snapshot function a lot but, sometime, the first video file is often some kind of Ad...

Anyway, thanks for the reply! :)

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