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Guardian Eagle and thanks for the answer,

it seems that once i press this command at the command line i get a crash with the following message :

BitComet has encountered a problem and needs to close . we are sorry for the inconvenience. (i sent the report)

i have the latest version of Bitcomet (1.37), is there any thing else i can do to fix it or to disable the download confirm ?

thanks in advance,


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Sorry, I think I may have given you some bad information. I think that commandline switch has something to do with internet explorer downloading the .torrent file, not starting the task.

The switch you want is...

bitcomet.exe --silent

This should start the task with default settings and no confirmation.

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It still doesn't work, i tried both : bitcomet.exe --silent and bitcomet.exe -s

I have to make it happen so my program will be able to work with BitComet, I like BitComet and it was my best torrent downloading software in the past 4-5 year.

if you have any other solution i will be more than happy to hear :)

thanks for the support, Shmulik

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According to BitComet Wiki -s or --silent should : Start task in silent mode. Automatically add task and start downloading without confirmation. (this is exactly what i need)

I run files usually from chrome as magnets links, I tried all those command lines under Administer aswell.

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Finally i manage to make it work, instead of downloading a magnet file i download the file to the pc and than used the command line , works perfect.

Is there any way to make it happen even for magnet files ? i don't want to use the command line for every download

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If your "program" is doing this for you, then you need to enter the script so that program correctly executes bitcomet to start the task in silent mode. If you want to launch bitcomet from your browser you'll need a script to the browser to launch in silent mode.

For the former you'd have to seek support from the developers or support system of the program you are using and for the latter, from the browser. Bitcomet added the command line switches so that programmers can customize the way bitcomet works, but we aren't the ones you should be seeking help from in doing this.

I don't even know what "program" you're using, but it probably asks you to provide the path and name of the torrent client so you probabbly just have to add the silent switch onto the path.

Good luck with this

ps. I didn't see your last post when I replied. You've confirmed the switch works so now you need to add it to the script your browser uses, or the script your other program uses

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