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0 seeds,peers but downloading from p2sp

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If there are no seeds or peers the torrent is dead. There are times when you can still connect to previous seeds using LTseed, this is a good thing, not a problem, without them you wouldn't be downloading anything at all. The task should complete eventually as long as there are some active LTseeds, but they may not always be available, some people turn off their computers at night or it's possible they needed their bandwidth for their own use in which case LTseed will yield to bittorrent protocol.

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No, that's the problem.

The torrent isn't dead. Infact, it has more than 10,000 seeds and fewer than 2,000 leeches and still it is showing no seeds or peers.

And, this is happening with all my torrent downloads no matter how many seeds they've got.

And all of the torrents get stuck at 99.9% or a bit less.

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One problem I see is that your listening port is blocked so you cannot receive any remote peer connections, but this won't result peers failing to show in the peers column. You can look on the tracker tab and see if you are getting any errors from the trackers. If bitcomet cannot connect to the trackers it cannot get lists of peers.

Also it appears you aren't logged into cometID, so you might have an issue with a firewall blocking bitcomet

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