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Only Remote/UDP/TCP initiated but no local


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Before create this post, i have checked all the tutorial in google and I can't find any related post with this but all with local connetion without remote connection.

My problem is weird because i got all remote connection with port open, all seems correct but no local connection.

Previous task maybe with full speed with local and remote connection. Second task only with remote connection.

(I start the task 1 by 1 after completed. - All task with max seeds and peers, latest torrent)

So i dun get what wrong with this? :(

i experienced the same 1 year ago i think but the problem solved without my action and it maintain the speed until now.

Few days ago, my phone wiring having problem and it fixed but this problem come out.

I dun get what wrong because previous task few minutes ago works fine but few minutes after not working well.

I'm using adsl db108-WL. Recently my adsl light keep flipping so my internet also not stable.

Sorry if i ask a stupid question. Just delete this thread if needed. But i really need the help. Thanks! :(

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It's possible that you were unable to find any peers willing or able to accept your connection attempts. A local peer is one that you contacted, but each peer has a limit set on how many connections it will receive. It's also possible that you reached your max number of connections with remote peers so cannot add any local. It's also possible that you have a firewall blocking your outgoing connections, but if you do sometimes get local peers as you report, then it's probably not a firewall.

When a torrent is first started it usually takes a few minutes before any remote connections will appear, this would be the time to look for local attempts. Also make sure you haven't tried to alter your TCPIP stack, this could cause problems even when done correctly and if done incorrectly the results could be extreme.

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I can't get my best speed for download if just only with remote peers.

Why do you assume local peers are better, it's usually the other case. It's the remote peers that are looking for trade and in general remote peers are better.

ps. as long as you sometimes see local peers, you don't have a problem.

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