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Customize Aspect Ratio


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Hi everybody,

I recently switched from VLC to MPCStar and I must say that I find it even better and faster, apart from some minor file type support lack.

The only feature I think should be implemented is the option to set custom aspect ratios or add some more, at least two, from which to choose from.

I'd find it very useful since sometimes video files are distributed online with a 1.85:1 (16:9) aspect ratio to fit the whole screen, even when the real size is 1.66:1 (between 4:3 and 16:9) or 2.35:1 (black stripes on top and bottom), these are very popular aspect ratios.

I'd like the developers to take it in consideration and I'd like to see some other users' opinions on this.


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i download entire tv series and then binge watch..   if the aspect ratio is not what i like, i change it..   but if i'm watching 10-20 episodes continuously i have to reset the aspect ratio after each episode is completed..   would really like to be able to customize the aspect ratio (ie overide the one provided by the uploader).  any chance this upgrade may be implemented??   at one time (many years ago) this video player would start each new video with the same aspect ratio as the last one played..  obviously that's no longer the case..   but i certainly would appreciate having the option to do just that...   thanks and best regards... 

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just to be clear..  i know i have the ability to change the aspect ratio for each new episode..   i wish to have the ability to change only once and watch several videos in a row using the same ratio as the previous setting i chose...   thanks again..


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