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After portforwarded still low download speed. Any suggestion?

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I just settled on the static IP and Portforward in my router. My download speed improve from 30kb/s to 150kb/s. However, it still didnt achieve my normal download speed which is 1500kb/s before i formatted my laptop. i am sure it has enough seed for these torrents, pls help or share your experience on how to handle this problem even it is not bitcomet. If need any information, pls let me know i will post here.




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First issue is it's difficult to know what units you are using if you substitute kB/s and kb/s, they are very different, 1kB/s = 8kb/s so I'm not sure if I need to convert the stats you provided or if you used the wrong unit of measurement.

Second issue is your max upload speed of 40kB/s, if the tested max that your connection can upload is 50kB/s then this is a good setting to use, but in that case you should expect no more than 50 to 100kB/s total download unless you come across a rare torrent that has some high speed peers.

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If you're only willing or able to upload at 40kB/s then I'm surprised why you aren't happy to be downloading at 160kB/s. This is called file sharing and you have to give in order to get. The bittorrent protocol is designed to punish peers who don't upload and reward those who do. If you saw faster speeds on prior tasks it was probably because there was a surplus of uploaders and a shortage of downloaders.

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If you read our guides you'll see that you want the upload limit to allow you to use upto 80% of your available bandwidth, in order to calculate this you need to run speed tests. All of this is explained in the guides.

However even with the optimal settings you can only download data as fast as the peers can send it to you. Some torrents will be fast and others will be slow, the best you can do is adjust your client so you upload as much as possible but not so much that it uses all your bandwidth because that too will slow you down.

ps. the torrent in your screenshot has far more peers than seeds, so it will probably continue to be slow until more of the peers complete the download.

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So for my case here, the slow download speed is not my laptop or internet problem but because there is too much peer compare to seeds?

Because i am consider layperson in IT, can you help to calculate my max download and upload speed if ignore the seeds and peers things?Thank you in advance.

By the way where can i found the guide that u had mentioned?


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The quick answer is to set your max upload to about 54kB/s, but I'll show you the math....

Tested speed 54mb/s

Convert b to B .54mb divided by 8 = .0675mB

convert m to k .0675 x 1000 = 67.5kB/s

multiply times 80% 67.5 x 0.8 = 54kB/s

This tells us the fastest your line speed can upload is 67.5kBs but if you allow it to use 100% you'll be unable to respond to requests in a timely manner so you want to hold about 20% in reserve for overhead.

Now try downloading one of the popular linux distributions, they are always well seeded and if you have your settings optimized you should get speeds approaching your max download speed which is about 1090kB/s. In most cases you should see speeds of 800-1000kB/s on extremely well seeded tasks like linux distributions but on typical p2p downloads each connection is going to be equally limited in upload as yourself so with you only able to upload 54kB/s and each task could have dozens of peers that doesn't leave much for any one peer and if you run more than one torrent you could fall into the category of a bad peer (a peer that doesn't provide significant upload to any peers). When another peer receives a significant amount of your upload they will automatically send more download to you, otherwise you will only get small amounts every now and then as the other clients are probing for good peers to connect to. The system is complicated but what it does is to match like peers together, so most of the peers you connect and trade with will have about the same upload ability you have.

In most cases it's best to run one torrent at a time and make sure all your torrents stay running until the share ratio is above 1.000, or if you want to help contribute to the torrent you can seed longer. I usually keep all mine running to at least 2.000.

Leave your max download set to unlimited since you won't often have to worry about maxing out that speed since it's your upload that is restricting things.

On some torrents you will be lucky to get speeds equal to your upload speed until there are a larger number of seeders and in some cases they could be extremely slow due to no fault of yours but if you use popular torrents you should be able to get the best speeds possible for your connection.

Also, it's widely known that some ISPs in malaysia are throttling bittorrent traffic so you may not be able to get the speeds I anticipate.

In addition to the above if you have LTseed enabled and there are LTseed peers available, you can download from them outside of the bittorrent swarm which can speed up your connection. These peers are listed as p2sp in bitcomet.

You can read more about LTseed at wiki.bitcomet.com and you can review our settings guide in the forum guides and tutorials section.

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