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hi guys

i've downloaded this torrent with more than 30000 seeds

but when i started downloading with bitcomet

the number of seeds appears to be zero

what's the problem

p s i'm a new user i don't have much information about the subject but i know the basics

thank you very much

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There is no way to know the number of seeds until you start download. If you got that info from some website you should be very careful, few torrents have that number of seeds and if a website claims that, it's likely a bad torrent.

It's also possible that you have been unable to connect to any working tracker so haven't received any seed/peer info yet.

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Try this torrent, it's from kickass.so and I just confirmed it works.


The website showed it had over 400 seeds but the actual count was 49, the info on the website is very inaccurate. If it doesn't work look at your tracker tab and see if you're getting tracker errors, if so "right click" on the task and "update tracker" and wait a few mins and repeat if necessary.

If it still doesn't work follow the first link in my signature and answer all the questions.

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