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Is there a way to disable ''padding files'' ???


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just wanna say i use bitcomet for many years and always LOVE IT !!! but ...

i recently create a few torrents ,and I came across with a annoying problem called

"padding files'' and i can find help anywhere !!!

so i wanna ask if is there a way to disable this called "padding files'' ???

can't understand , if i create a torrent with a collection of 100 MP3s , others will be forced to download 100 (useless) padding files , how stupid is that ?

please give me an answer ,

i really don't want to be forced to leave bitcomet ...


best regards

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The padding files are used to assure that there are no bittorrent data pieces that span two files in the torrent. If you disable them bitcomet won't be able to efficiently download the files from non-bittorrent sources like http/ftp or emule. These files are ignored by bitcomet and could be ignored by other clients if they would adopt this technology, but if you want to disable them just de-select the option to align piece boundaries when making the torrent.



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