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BitComet slow(none) download speeds


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I recently moved to another place and the problems started appearing. I am having the problem with the BitComet client at my home. When I try to torrent wireless(connected to my home router) it's slow or not working, but if I avoid my router and connect directly then it's suddenly working. My router has opened ports(forwarded) and the firewall rules are ok as well. What I've discovered recently as well is that if I use VPN no matter if I'm connecting wireless or ethernet - it's working(but the speeds are significantly slower that why I dont see this as a solution).

What I want to mention as well(i´m not trying to adverstise or promote in any way other side), I have installed another torrent client(uTorrent) just to check is it up to me or the BitComet and then I saw that uTorrent is not able to pass through at all(so no downloads at all without ethernet cable). BitComet is able to get thru as you can see on the picture, with some slow download speeds and those torrents are with 5k+ seeders( so healthy ones :) )




@And yeah BitComet is 1.7 version - latest one, think so

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I don't have enough information to fully understand your problem, but for starters I can tell you when torrenting through a VPN you will always get slower speeds. If your VPN is a dedicated server it will be almost as fast, but if it's a shared server with many users, then it will usually be signicantly slower than connecting to peers directly. In addition you may be firewalled doing it this way. Many VPN services (all of the free ones) allow only outgoing connections, but in order for bittorrent protocol to work properly you need incoming connections too, which is why your port must be properly forwarded.

Even under ideal conditions when using VPN the data has to pass through another computer so if you must download this way you should expect some loss in performance.

If you've properly setup portforwarding in your router your bitcomet should have a Green light in the lower right corner indicating your port is open. If it's yellow or grey you have a problem with your network that you'll need to correct before you can effectively use bitcomet. If the light is green it should work using both Ethernet and WiFi. If you experience that some torrents work with bitcomet and not with uTorrent this could be a problem with the torrent, unresponsive tracker, no seeds or peers, or other problems preventing the torrent from working and the reason it could be working with BitComet is it's unique ability to download the files from other sources like other torrent swarms with some or all of the same content, http/ftp download sources, LTseed connections, or any combination of these so in some cases bitcomet can download when other clients cannot. If you suspect your torrent/s may be the problem I'd recommend getting a torrent for one of the popular Linux distributions like ubuntu....

Ubuntu Linux 14.04.1 LTS (long-term support) 64bit. This is a direct link to the torrent.


Although this is a great operating system if you're a windows user you won't need it so just confirm the torrent works then stop and delete the torrent as it's only posted here as a test. I selected this because they are hosted by high speed servers so you should get high performance from them and since Linux is a free opensource project there is not chance of a copyright infringement.

If you need more help reply with all the info from the "READ THIS before posting" thread as well as any tracker errors you see.

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Yeah I know what a VPN is. I said VPN is making me thru the router so I can get downloads(slow ones - but faster than on the picture). So let´s sketch it simple:

PC -> Ethernet(avoiding router) -> WORKING


PC -> WiFi -> VPN -> WORKING but slow

Here´s a pic showing the forward


@UPDATE - Now they´re all on 0 kB/s


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The VPN doesn't avoid the router it actually goes through it the same as any other connection but creates a "tunnel" to connect to a remote server so all your in/outbound connections will be using the VPN computers IP address instead of yours. It's unusual that it won't work using wifi. Do you have the green light when using wifi? or is that only when the router is removed?

Also have you tried connecting your ethernet cable to the router as well as directly to the modem? you might want to try that and see if the problem persists when connection....

modem>computer via ethernet

modem>router>computer via eithernet


Modem>router via ethernet + router>computer via WiFi

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