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Please help me with my torrents - toze67


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Hello, i'm toze67, i'm from Lisbon - Portugal.

I need some help. Where can i explain my problem?

I saw your original post but you didn't include any info about your system. We've posted instructions and there are links to the topic all through the forum including below in my signature. Once you've provided all the required info we will be better able to help you. Your 99% problem is common but there are many causes, in some cases is simply the fault of other users who have disabled files during the download so they don't have 100% to share so cannot seed the torrents, or it could be as simple as a setting on your router, but if you don't tell us if you use a router there is no way we can know if that problem affects you.

In other words I'd have to type a hundred pages of text to fully answer your question and 99% of it wouldn't apply to you and we could spend several days trying to sort out what parts do apply, or you can simply provide the info about your system and maybe even find an easy solution.

When you prepare your support request please also check the peers column on torrents that don't complete and report what each lists. Also look at the list of peers in the bottom pane and see if any of your connected peers have 100% or is everyone stuck at 99% Also check on your summary tab and see if there is a lot of rubbish data being dropped.

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Helo I'm new here. Can someone explain what is happening with my torents. They go to 99% then stop and don't end, it stays like this until today from two weeks until now

I replied to your second post, but to sum it up, we need more info from you before we can begin to help you.

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I hope I'm going to do it right, so, my info.

My version of bitComet is 1.37 64 bit

The internet conection is cable 30Mb

The router is THOMSON TG784n and the port is fowarded and open

I have windows 7 and AVG Internet Security 2011 actualized.

the torrents in question are various, this is happen like two weeks from now and never happen before and i use bitcomet for several years now. I have 8 torrents at 99% and don't move anywhere.

First i did think that they haven't seeds, but i did a search again and so they where with multiple seeds available but still don't move to finish. I selecte the torrent and the task already exist (of course).

I apreciate your time to responde to me and thanks.

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Sorry i didn't see this post before.

I hope that you can see my info.


for example, the film "two men in town". i started the torrent at 18-02-2015, in that same day it reaches 99.9% then stoped, until today and the seeders and the leechers are several dozens. In the sumury it says

seeds: 0 of 0 connected

peers: 0 of 0 connected

status: connecting...

What is the problem?

Could it be, no files complete to download, but normaly don't take that long.

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the 0seeds/0peers would seem to indicate the torrent is dead, but it's also possible the tracker is down so you can't connect to peers. In this case bitcomet will attempt to download the files from other sources so it may be possible that all your files are complete, there may be a small additional file in the torrent, a .txt or .nfo file that could not be downloaded outside the torrent. I'd suggest trying the files, they may be complete even if the torrent says otherwise.

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Yes, i have DHT enabled, i've check it.

It seems that you're right, I tried and did work, thanks.

But the problem persist because some complete series that i've try to get 0.2% (thats just what is missing) is a lot to be played and in this case didn't work and the problem is the same.

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We will have to look at each task separate to see what the cause is. First step, did you read the article on this that we published on wiki.bitcomet.com as was suggested in the "READ THIS before posting" topic?


Here are some facts about the way bittorrent downloading works.

If you have a torrent that has several files, for example...

video1.avi 700mb

video2.avi 700mb

video3.avi 700mb

text file.txt 5kb

If there are no seeds for this torrent it won't download at all with other clients, but in some cases bitcomet can download the three video files from other sources but cannot download the text file, so even though all three video files are complete it will appear as...

video1 100%

video2 100%

video3 99%

text file 0%

This is because the piece of bittorrent data that includes the text file also contains part of video3 and without it the torrent will never complete even though the videos are all complete. Bittorrent doesn't download files, it downloads pieces of data that are used to construct the file and when mixing other types of protocols like http/ftp, emule with bittorrent this problem occurs. BitComet did develop a solution to this problem by using padding files to make sure no piece of data spanned multiple files, but many trackers didn't understand their purpose and prohibit their use, so if you download a torrent that doesn't support padding files and there are no seeds, this problem can occur.

There are also other causes for torrents not to complete. If you have a torrent that has two files...

Software setup.exe 700mb

patch/hack/activator to prevent paying for software 50kb

When you download the last piece of data your antivirus detects the (patch/hack/activator) and disables it, then bitcomet attempts to confirm that it downloaded intact and finds the piece of data is no longer complete so discards it and requests that piece again, and this process of downloading, deleting and redownloading will continue indefinitely until you either stop the torrent, or make an exclusion so your antivirus doesn't remove the file.

The first thing to look at is are there seeds present? Don't look at any website where you got your torrent, they never have accurate seed info, look at the column in bitcomet and it will list the connected seeds/peers and total [seeds/peers]. If the seeds are zero then there isn't much you can do.

Also check your tracker tab to make sure you're getting a working tracker or dht connecting, this is how bitcomet gets the peer lists so it can attempt connections for bittorrent download. If no peers are available, or download is slow it will look for LTseed peers and emule peers and this is probably how your last torrent downloaded since it had no seeds.

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