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Announcement: VIP Server outage during Chinese Spring Festival

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After much discussion and debate with the development team and our forum staff, BitComet's owner is pleased to offer anyone who purchased VIP that was active during the time of outage will get an additional 90 days added onto their account at the time it expires, or if the member prefers they can request a refund for the term that was affected by the outage and it will be approved by BitComet.

We aren't exactly sure when the outage began, but we believe it was 4 weeks or less and I'm sure our members will all agree that both of these options are very generous.

I'll leave this topic open for comments, but please keep them on topic and only regarding this compensation. Any requests for support must be made in your own topic.

If your account expires and doesn't automatically extend for 90days and you feel you qualify under these terms or if you have any problems getting a refund with PayPal you can contact our forums' representative from development here...


Please only contact her for these two very specific reasons, any other issues, questions or comments should be posted in the forum.

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