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BitComet GUI not responding

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Hello all,

I would like to discuss a common problem in BitComet.

The GUI freezes in the case of intensive disk IO.

Most users have for the multimedia HDD drivers because these provide capacity as needed.

I have seen BitCommet GUI freezing in at least 3 case scenarios.

I add that I discuss about BitComet handling large torrent task, around 10 tasks with a total of 1TByte size on the HDD. I also set a large cache size for disk - Max size 2GByte.

1. If I select all torrent task and do a Stop I get a BitComet not responding for about 5-10 seconds

2. If I switch beetwing tasks and changing the tabs again I have 1 sec delay in GUI (here is not an - Not Responding notification)

3. When loading a torrent in the File window I have seen also 1 sec freeze in GUI with large torrents

I would like to propose a processing message in the GUI and special handling for GUI to stay responsive all the time.

Great job BitComet developers, it is working fine and handels large torrent very well.

I am happy with BitComet 1.38 64bit stable. Good job with the large cache also.



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OK, I explain it.

The Solid State Drive is no match today for the Mechanical Drive or HDD, in term of CAPACITY.

HDDs have today at least as 4TByte capacity where SSD goes as much as 1TByte and it costs as much as a brand new PC.


For the MULTIMEDIA STORAGE it is prefered a drive with UNLIMITED NUMBER of WRITE CYCLES.

The SSD is very apreciated and apropiate in use for the PROGRAM CODE, meaning Windows, Linux, boot drives.


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