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Hash check is canceled on BitComet restart


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Hello BitComet,

Today I have seen another error.

It happens when you have many tasks and you are forced to close Windows.

I restart Windows and start BitComet again.

I see now first task starts with a HASH check and the next tasks are QUEUED for a HASH CHECK.

If I do again a STOP ALL and Exit, than I restart BitComet and do a START ALL, I see the current task without HASH CHECK.

In other words if a HASH CHECK IN PROGRESS is stoped and BitComet restarted it does not RESTART the HASH CHECK.

It is like HASH CHECK completed successfuly, but it did not complete.

The other tasks , those queued restart a HASH CHECK, but if BitComet is restarted if does this behaviour until all tasks are like they are HASH CHECK completed.


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a redundant hash-check is only triggered if restarting immediately after an improper shutdown. This is an option which can be disabled and is designed to confirm the download state is correct before resuming. If you interrupt this procedure with a successful shutdown it won't be repeated, but you can do manual hash checks to confirm each task on your own, or you can continue the download without the hash check and do a final hash check (auto or manual) at the end to confirm all pieces are complete.

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