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My BitComet 1.38 suddenly slowed down!

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Hallo. I am using BitComet (64-bit) 1.38.

Internet Connection: ADSL 24mbps.

I use an aDSL Router Thomson TG585.

Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium

Windows Firewall, Avira Antivir

I dont use and kind of IP filtering.

I have 4GB DDR3 RAM, Every hardware/software is updated.


So, my problem is;

Until yesterday, I was downloading with speeds over 2mb and today, all of a sudden, it can barely reach 350-400kb. I have not changed anything on my desktop or the bitcomet settings. I have the auto settings that go when someone installs the program. Any thought? I tried to put the same torrent in another torrent clinet (Vuze) and it downloaded properly. I have tried with other BitComet versions (1.28, 1.30, 1.32, 1.36) and it won't speed up.

For example;


Last night, when I shut down my desktop, I was downloading with 2.0-2.2 mbps (2000-2200 kbps) and now, as you see in the screenshot it doesnt even touch 100kb :( . I've been using BitComet for a really long time and up until now I hadn't any problem at all!!! I road the post about what informations I need to provide, and sorry if I didn't provide them all. Also, sorry for my english level. It's not my native language.

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I'm going to reply here and remove your other post so this doesn't get confusing.

I see from your speedtest that you have a very limited upload, you'll also notice your test results are measured in bits (B) not Bytes (B) as BitComet uses so to convert your test results you'll need to divide the test results by 8.

upload= 0.76mb/s or 760kb/s, converted to Bytes that would be 95kB/s which is the most you can upload, but if you use all of that for sending data you'll line will be busy and you won't be able to handle requests in a timely manner, so if you limit your max upload speed to about 80% of the max, you'll be able to more efficiently download.

In your case this is about 76kB/s, so try using that as your global upload rate limit and you should see improved download speeds.

Important: Always make sure you keep your torrents running until the share ratio is well above 1.00, if you don't continue to seed after the download is complete it will result in dead torrents and no one will be able to download.

Also consider that bittorrent downloading works by getting the most download to the users who upload the most and since you cannot effectively upload more than about 76kB/s, it's not reasonable to expect all your tasks to be fast. The only real solution is to get an internet connection that doesn't limit your upload so severely, but if that isn't an option for you, then you will have to expect some tasks to be slower than others. In cases where there are many fast seeds available and an abundance of download available you will see very fast speeds, on an average torrent you'll see speeds about twice your upload (150kB/s +/-), and on weak torrents where there are few fast seeders and many trying to download you may struggle to get the 76kB/s that you'll be uploading. The best connections today are fiber-optic (FiOS), or if that's not available in your area you can check if co-axial Cable is available. DSL or aDSL is a last resort today as they generally are quite limited. You should also avoid any celular type of mobile broadband as they are firewalled and you'll never be able to receive remote peer connections.

You should see a noteable improvement once you've better managed your limited upload, but only a better connection will get the best results on all tasks.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response but the point is that I have this ADSL connection for 6-7 years and I have never had such an issue. Like 24 hours earlier I was downloading with 2mb/s and the problem that I'm reporting occurred today. So, I don't understand how could my connection be the problem, when for the past 6-7 years it was perfectly ok and from today it can barely reach 400kb.

edit: I reduced the upload speed as you said, yet the difference in the downloading speed was minimal.

edit2: Also, I checked again with another torrent client (uTorrent) to see the differences and for the same torrent I had;

BitComet: 150-200kb, uTorrent / Vuze = 1900-2000kb . So, how can there be such a difference in the same torrent with the same settings in the clients but with very big difference in the download speed?

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Nothing has changed with BitComet, it handles bittorrent connections the same as any other client so if something suddenly changed it would have to be either on your computer, or with your ISP. Some ISP's do throttle customers who are identified as using p2p downloading and there are varying means to do so. Generally BitComet will download faster than utorrent or vuze on some tasks and the same speed on others. Tasks that download faster with BitComet are due to the availability of additional sources like LTseed, http/ftp mirrors, peers from different swarms with some or all of the same content, etc, but on a strictly bittorrent only comparison each client will perform equally when comparing everything fairly. It is impossible to do an accurate comparison unless you control all peer computers, but there has been much testing done using hundreds of volunteers on closed torrent swarms that have proven that the protocol doesn't favor one client over the other.

If you want you can try reverting to a previous version of BitComet if you think this is a bug, but I've had no problems with 1.38 and I think if this was a bug our forum would be full of similar cases and yours seems unique. If you like you can download the .zip version from the link in my signature, it doesn't need to be installed, just extract, set your preferences and run, but be sure you're not attempting to run both versions at the same time. If an older version performs better you can then install it.

Good Luck

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