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Listen Port is Blocked

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I know the topic had many discussion earlier but I tried all the things that I could find in this forum to unblock the port i.e. Port Forwarding, Checking anti-virus for connection blockage, but all this didn't helped.

Bit Comet Version: 64 bit 1.38 stable release

Windows: Window 8.1 64 bit

Anti Virus: McAfee- Personal Firewall 14.6 version along with anti spam

Connection Type: WAN

Router: TP Link TL-WR841N

Multiple people are accessing through router at one time, all are having the same problem. Blocked port.

Please help me through this.




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Adding to the above...

I talked to my ISP regarding this. He specified that the port will always be blocked no matter what. It's not allowed and there's no need to have a seperate listen port for 3rd party software.

Kindly help and suggest any solution.

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Sounds like you don't have a full internet connection and cannot receive remote connections. This is common with cellular type broadband and connections that are shared like in a dorm room, or apartment building in some areas. You didn't state what type of connection you had so I was unable to determine this but if what your isp is telling you is true about not being able to open a port then I'd suggest going with another ISP, one that provides complete internet connections, but I wouldn't trust anything that agent said because if it was a trained support person he would not have told you it doesn't make a difference. What you have would be compareable to a phone without a ringer so no one can call you. You can call out, but no incoming calls. This will work if you call anytime you need to talk, but if the person you're calling also has no ringer then you will never talk to them. This is exactly how bittorrent connections work. When someone wants to trade data they attempt to connect to you but cannot because you are blocked, then up to a half hour later you are notified that they have joined the swarm and you try to connect to them, but by now they already have as many connections as they can handle so your connection is refused. You can still download, but you'll just be last in line every time so it will take much longer to find a peer that is eager to trade.

Before you switch providers you might want to call back and ask to be escalated to a higher level of support to confirm they do not provide a service that will allow you to receive incoming connection attempts. It's very possible that last agent doesn't know what a port is or how they work.

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I had similar problems, in my case it turned out to be Mcafee.

Don't however jump to conclusions, I suggest you try the following.

1. Rule out the router (if you have physical access to it) by connecting your computer directly to the modem, check your connection and if ok retry bitcomet and see if your port is open. If it is all ok then you know the port is being blocked by the router. If you don't have access to the router then perhaps someone else on your network does and you can try this step from there.

2. If this fails, then it is either your ISP, bitcomet settings or Mcafee. Next step is to rule out Mcafee. I use Mcafee and trust me, merely disabling the firewall will have no effect. what you need is the Mcafee removal tool (freely available from the Mcafee support site) run this tool and re-test. If you can now open your bitcomet ports then it is mcafee at fault. At this stage contact Mcafee free chat support and they will sort it (takes a little time but once you get escalated to tier2 and allow them access to your machine it works)

A useful test when you are doing all this is to go to www.canyouseeme.org which allows you to test any inbound port.

3.We are now down to either your bitcomet settings (which look ok to me) or your ISP. In the latter case, follow TUUS,s advice and get pushy, If no luck then change you ISP

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