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Download contents of torrent via command

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I'm attempting to create a Windows service which will essentially allow me to start torrent downloads on my home PC remotely. It will check my email account reguarly for an email with a certain subject and download the torrents whose URLs I've embedded in the email body.

For the downloading part, I've decided to programmatically call windows' cmd.exe (the command prompt) and execute BitComet.exe with certain parameters. Here is the actual call I'm making:

bitcomet --url=NAME.torrent --silent --tray

When this is executed, it successfully downloads the torrent file, but not the contents. It then opens a prompt to "Create a new BitTorrent task" which is simply a prompt to select the files in the torrent to download and begin the download. It appears that I can download the contents (after downloading the *.torrent file) by subsequently calling the following command:

bitcomet C:\NAME.torrent --silent --tray

Is there a single command to automatically download the contents of the torrent via the command line?

Thanks in advance.

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I was actually able to resolve this. I used an open source library called MonoTorrent to "load" (download) the torrent and then ran the open torrent command. Oddly enough, it doesn't seem to like the --silent flag. I was only able to get it to work after instead using -s.

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