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unable to install Bitcomet 1.38

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My BitComet 1.37 has been removed after I refreshed my system. Then I tried to install again the latest BitComet 1.38 64bit but my PC shows "The signature of BitComet_1.38_x64_setup.exe is corrupt or invalid" when running security scan. Can anyone help me out how to stall the program again.

My system is Window 8.1. When download finish and start running security scan, then failed.

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This sounds like a problem with your security scan software. Not sure why you would be running it on a program like bitcomet. There is no malware in it. If you insist on scanning the file before you install then I suggest using an online scanner, there are some very good ones that use dozens of the worlds best malware scanners and gives you reports from all of them.

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No, Window 8.1 is including Windows Defender for virus security.

Usually when download a program is

Download - run security scan - ask permission - setup - install.

Other programs can download successfully but BitComet has problem in the 2nd step security scan. Shows " The signature of BitComet _1.38_x64_setup.exe is corrupt or invalid "

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I believe the update was specifically to address the issue you were having. It seems the security certificate had expired. Microsoft requires publishers to pay a fee to buy them which is outrageous for freeware, but it looks like they've paid the ransom.

If you don't use microsofts security software you should have no problem downloading 1.38. I use Kaspersky and it didn't object at all, or of course you can download BitComet by torrent so that won't be an issue, or using bitcomet's http download feature or any other http/ftp download manager.

I'm curious what browser you were using when you attempted to download?

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