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Although I never found the sound offensive we have had several posts suggesting the "download complete" sound was annoying. Many don't realize it's very easy to replace it with any .wav file you like. I just saw a .wav file of "porky pig" saying his famous line "That's All Folks" and thought it would be a cute wav file to use so I'm going to attach it here for anyone who wants to use it with their BitComet.

Simply download the file and copy it to your "fav" folder. For most users you can find it by typing


in the address bar, then open the bitcomet folder, then the fav folder and you will see a file named "download-complete.wav"

In order to retain the original sound file simply rename the existing file. I did this by simply added an extra letter to the file name which you can easily remove if you want to restore the original sound, then copy this "download-complete.wav" file and bitcomet will play it when your tasks finish.


You can also record your own sound or use any existing .wav file as long as you rename it to "download-complete.wav" and put it in the "fav" folder.

ps. Depending on your windows version, user account settings and bitcomet version and settings the file could be in several other locations because of windows choice to control locations of user specific files, so bitcomet adopted a default option to put the config files in your appdata folder so in most cases it will be where I described above.

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